February 2019

Educa Senior Collection, puzzles designed for the elderly

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Puzzles are not only beneficial for the development of fine motor skills in little ones, but they are also a perfect tool for exercising the mind, working out frustration and the ability to face new challenges for adults. Putting together a puzzle as a family is not only beneficial for the mind but it also [...]

November 2018

Colour 3D Puzzles

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Puzzle lovers in general and 3D puzzle lovers in particular are in luck, as EDUCA is expanding its range of three dimensional puzzles with the new Colour Edition 3D Sculpture Puzzle Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, Minnie Mouse and Yoda, among others, are returning but this time you can add colour, resulting in a more realistic [...]


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EDUCA BORRAS is expanding its catalogue, through the acquisition of the toy manufacturer NINCO DESARROLLOS, adding radio control vehicles, as they have purchased all the shares of the leading company in the Spanish market for this type of product. EDUCA BORRAS, owns some of the top brands in the market and continues to grow both [...]

April 2018

“SOS Children’s Villages” collection of solidarity puzzles

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Throughout its history, Educa has aimed to develop quality educational products to provide entertainment and learning to children through games. With this purpose in mind, a solidarity project has been launched with proceeds coming from the sale of children's puzzles in collaboration with SOS Children's Villages. The "SOS Children's Villages" puzzle collection is made up [...]

December 2017

Artistic and creative toys; double the fun

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There is no better combination than creation and play, which is why we've come up with three new artistic and creative toys so that boys and girls can have double the amount of fun and let their imagination and creativity run wild.   Animal Art. Cat, rabbit or dog? Which is your favourite animal? Create and [...]

October 2017

Brand new website!

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The holidays are over, now it's back to school and back to the routine, but at Educa Borras we are happier than ever because it's time to launch our new website! We have worked hard and finally we would like to welcome you to the new site, with a more up-to-date, practical and easy-to-use design. [...]