Artistic and creative toys; double the fun

There is no better combination than creation and play, which is why we’ve come up with three new artistic and creative toys so that boys and girls can have double the amount of fun and let their imagination and creativity run wild.


Animal Art. Cat, rabbit or dog? Which is your favourite animal? Create and decorate your pet and all of the accessories required to look after it and play with it. Don’t miss the Youtube videos, you’re sure to love them!


Fofucha Paula and fofucha Lisa. New playmates have been added to the Fofucha family:  delightful custom DIY dolls.


Scrapbook. Do you want to create your own photo album? Would you like to design your own little box where you can keep valuable secrets? Get with the craft fashion. The only limit is your imagination and your creativity.


The craft kits offer a huge amount of benefits for boys and girls:

  • They stimulate creativity and teach children to express themselves.
  • They develop attention span and focus.
  • They improve psychomotricity, particularly fine motor skills.
  • They boost self-esteem.