International Institute for the Promotion of Good Toys has defined the aspects any good toy must meet:
  • 1) Material quality: materials, confection and finishing must be solid, exempt of danger and not be toxic.
  • 2) Formal quality: the shape and look of the toy must be nice and simple.
  • 3) Educational quality or adaptation to child needs or its developing level, and provide a creative recreational activity.
Educa offers only products which meet these requirements, fully respecting the European Toy Safety Regulation and avoiding the components which may involve any harm for children. Moreover, our company is based on innovation and pedagogical concern to make toys which completely adapt to every child needs and which work both as a recreational element and as an educational instrument.

What the AIJU Guide of Toys and Games is?

The AIJU Guide of Toys and Games is a guide published yearly by the Spanish Toy Research Institute with the aim of providing to costumers detailed and useful information about quality toys and games, which are suitable to recreational and pedagogical needs of children. This guide recommends a selection of good games which consumers can find on the market. This selection comes out the performance of strict studies; on one hand, the toy must fulfill the safety regulation EN-71:1988; and, on the other hand, a pedagogical study is made to evaluate the following criteria: game value, length, children and parents reactions, versatility, design and packaging, learning potential according to ESAR system, clearness and user guide presentation, toy accessibility, specific sensitive stimulation interest, etc. Educa games appear on this guide every year, and they get really high valuations in terms of pedagogical and safety features.

You can check the AIJU Guide of Toys and Games on-line here