About us

The origins of Educa Borras date back to 1894, when Borras Plana S.A. was founded. EDUCA is a leading brand, setting the standard in educational games and puzzles. BORRAS, famous for its highly acclaimed magic-based games, also sets the benchmark in the entertainment and family games fields. Today, our products are distributed in more than 75 countries around the world.

In 2011, Educa Borras, a market leader in the Magic, Puzzles and Educational Games categories, was considered the best-known toy brand among Spanish families with children under 12, according to a survey undertaken by AIJU’s* Toy Market Observatory, in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. * AIJU: Technological Institute for Toymaking

From the original concept, through the design, development, manufacture and marketing of our products, Educa Borras pulls out all the stops to ensure we create fantastic products with our clients’ and consumers’ needs in mind.

In addition, Educa Borras offers unique services available nowhere else in the world. For example, the Lost Pieces Service provides replacement jigsaw pieces, so even if a piece is lost, puzzle fans can finish the job.

The Educa brand is a guarantee of quality. Quality is one of the key attributes that consumers associate with our products. 90% of our products are manufactured on our facilities in Sant Quirze del Vall, Barcelona. They undergo strict security and quality controls and use top quality, renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials.

We know that the best way to satisfy our consumers is to continuously reinvent ourselves and our products. Our product development, design, pedagogical and game specialist teams work tirelessly to achieve that aim.