Toys and upgrowth

Nowadays, educators, infantile psychologists and pedagogues agree on the importance that the activity of playing has on the development of the child in all its aspects: affective, intellectual, creative, social and physical. Playing is a voluntary, pleasing and entertaining activity present in all human cultures as natural children activity, but it is also an unquestionable complement of the education and learning of the child. If playing is a key activity in childhood, essential for the correct development of the child, the toy is the instrument and medium for most games. At Educa, we believe that toys must fulfill the double function of entertaining and assist that development. So, we design our products with this aim.

Developing intelligence

Toys that make the child mount and dismount their components help the development of analysis and synthesis skills, and motivate the child to think about the objects which surround him. This make the child do his first steps towards reasoning. In addition, children try to improve themselves every time they play with those elements, enhancing their intellectual skills. The great Educa puzzle collection is ideal for that purpose, as well as jigsaws and memory games.

Developing creativity

One of the fundamental aspects of childhood is the need of expressing oneself, of letting the imagination skills fly free. By encouraging his creativity, the child develops a powerful weapon to answer the dares the World would impose him all over his life. The collection Magic Art is ideal to motivate this creativity.

Developing sensory capacities

The toys based on colors and shapes associations help the children improve their sensory capacities, while they learn the similarities and differences between the objects through materials, colors and shapes. To develop this aspect, Educa has a wide selection of dominoes, jigsaws and puzzles.

Discovering and understanding the environment

By means of games, children discover and get in contact symbolically with many of the elements which constitute the World where they live. Thus, through pictures, drawings and activities, children discover the animals, the weather, the hours, the letters, the numbers, and so on. These games became, then, undisputable allies of teachers and parents in the grounds of children education, since these games introduce a funny way of learning to children, who internalize the concepts in a natural way. Educa has a wide range of amusing educational games by means of which children can learn the letter, the numbers, the hours.

Developing mobility

Games involving balls, pulling and pushing, or sports games in general are really important to develop the skills of mobility, equilibrium and dexterity in children.

Developing emotional values

From the moment when parents give a child a present, they are giving him/her an affective gratification which, from a specific age, the child will appreciate. On the other hand, the child makes relations with objects allowing him/her to express feelings and emotions.

Developing sociability

By means of toys, children learn how to get in touch with others, how to communicate and how to put themselves in somebody else place. Collective toys teach the children how to follow some rules, how to cooperate and how to make their relations with others progress. Educa family games are perfect for encouraging children sociability, but puzzles and jigsaws can also be perfect