Educa Senior Collection, puzzles designed for the elderly

Puzzles are not only beneficial for the development of fine motor skills in little ones, but they are also a perfect tool for exercising the mind, working out frustration and the ability to face new challenges for adults. Putting together a puzzle as a family is not only beneficial for the mind but it also helps to promote family unity, teamwork and interpersonal communication skills.

This 2019, Educa goes one step further in the puzzle world to include all of society and launches Educa Senior, a collection of 300 piece puzzles with each one intended for older people and less frequent puzzlers. Thanks to the piece sizes of this particular puzzle range (larger pieces than normal), the oldest in the family will be able to see the pieces better and have a greater manipulation and better assembly of the pieces. The Educa Senior collection therefore becomes the perfect mental workout for the elderly and it also provides great benefits in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, senile dementia and stroke rehabilitation.


The Educa Senior puzzle collection consists of:


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