- Puzzles

Does the price of the puzzle include VAT?

Yes, the prices you can see on the website include VAT. You must add shipping costs.

What kind of quality are the puzzles?

The puzzles are manufactured using very high quality materials, both with respect to the paperboard (classic 2-mm thick blue card) as well as the printing.

Can I frame the puzzle to keep it? And use glue on it?

Once you have finished the puzzle, if you want to keep it whole, we recommend you to frame it without using glue, just with the pressure of the glass on the front and a board on the back.

If you decide to use glue, do not use it on the printed side as digital printer ink becomes spoiled in contact with glue. If you want to do so, use glue on the back of the puzzle (on the blue paperboard side).

I want to buy the puzzle already finished, is this possible?

Yes, it is. During the purchasing process, the system will offer you this option. This option has a surcharge of €6.00. The puzzle will come assembled in sections inside the box.

Does the puzzle come with a box?

Is always delivered in a custom box with a picture of the puzzle.

Can I order a puzzle of a certain size? Can I choose the number of pieces the puzzle will have? What size does the photo need to be to make the puzzle?

To answer these questions, please see the table of product characteristics: (all personalized puzzles will be made according to the sizes or number of pieces given in this table)

Pieces Size of image
required from the client
Size of image
after manufacturing
Size of image
Box guide
Box size PPP
40 17,61 x 26,25 25,7 x 17 cm 8,72 x 13,00 25,7 x 17 cm 150
140 18,71 x 25,85 25,5 x 18 cm 9,30 x 12,85 25,5 x 18 cm 150
280 26,00 x 36,58 36 x 25,5 cm 13,07 x 18,41 36 x 25,5 cm 150
560 36,73 x 52,02 51,4 x 36,2 cm 16,46 x 23,32 51,4 x 36,2 cm 150
1120 51,70 x 72,70 72,2 x 51 cm 18,98 x 26,70 72,2 x 51 cm 150

Can I have a different photo on the box than the one on the puzzle?

No problem. You can send us the picture for the box via email to clientes@educapersonalizados.com indicating + PHOTO BOX in the subject.

I would like to make a puzzle with a lot of photographs. Do you do the montage or collage?

No, we need to receive it as a single image.

I would like to touch up the photograph and give it a digital, sepia, black and white effect, etc.

You can use the styles or filters in the editing program on the website. Coming soon.

How do you deliver the puzzles?

The puzzle with its custom box is delivered within a cardboard box for its protection.

- Delivery

How much are the delivery charges?

See the table showing shipment areas.


6 to 8 working days for delivery in Spain.
6 to 10 working days for international delivery.

- Photos

How can I send you the photograph for the puzzle?

You can upload the file to be processed to the corresponding section of the website.

I've got a photograph and I would like to know if it is suitable for making the puzzle I want.

The application itself will detect whether the quality and/or size of the file are sufficient to print the puzzle or which is the most suitable size for the puzzle.

- Order (process, errors, method of payment, etc.)

Which methods of payment do you accept on your website?

Credit card and payment on delivery for orders from Spain (except Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands). Other countries, including Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands, by credit card and transfer.

Can I have a puzzle made using any photo or image?

Yes. As long as the photo or image is not covered by any copyright. What do we mean? There are public people, works of art or images that cannot be used or reproduced without the express permission of the person or party in question. 'Educa Personalized Products' as part of Educa Borras S.A.U., shares its philosophy and ethical principles regarding intellectual property.

"Educa Personalizados" has always had as a rule to respect all forms of thinking and ideologies, while remaining neutral and not discriminating on political, racial, religious or gender differences. Therefore, 'Educa Personalized Products' will refrain from producing images which, in its opinion, violate the basic standards of dignity, ethics, morale and respect between people.

How do I know if the order has been correctly placed?

We will send you a confirmation e-mail and/or an e-mail with the invoice and a summary of the order.

- Others

I need an invoice for the purchase.

No problem. You can send us an email to clientes@educapersonalizados.com indicating + INVOICE in the subject.