3D Sculpture Puzzle

Colour Sculpture Puzzle with a colourful update!

Fans of the Sculpture Puzzles are in luck because this range, which allows you to build fantastic sculptures by stacking the layers/pieces of card, now comes with a colourful update. The range is now extended with Color Edition, six new models that include brush and paint to colour your favourite Sculpture Puzzle. Yoda, Kylo Ren, Stormtrooper, Minnie and Frozen, all of them await you in their most colourful version.

With the Sculpture Puzzle you can build fantastic 3D sculptures by stacking the layers/pieces of card. Create a sculpture with an incredible finish and level of detail. Each layer is numbered. Assemble the sculpture following the order or dare to assemble it without looking at the numbers! Includes a plastic base with the character’s name. Suitable for all ages. From 6 to 99 years.

Each 3D Sculpture Puzzle includes:

  • Plastic base

  • Name sticker

  • Internal guide

  • Paint pots

High quality finish and exceptional detail

Spot TV


3D Sculpture Puzzle Frozen II


Color 3D Sculpture Puzzle Minnie

Color Sculpture Puzzle Yoda

3D Sculpture Puzzle Darth Vader – Dark edition

3D Sculpture Puzzle Kylo Ren


6 to 99 years old


Jigsaw lovers

Star Wars fans


Art fans