3D Monument Puzzle

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Jigsaw lovers are in their element because the large Educa range now includes a new option taking this hobby to a new level: 3D Monument Jigsaws. This concept proposes joining wooden pieces to form, with a whole hose of details, several of the most important and best-known architectural works in the world.

No need for scissors or glue, each structure can be assembled in 60 to 100 minutes. The pieces which make up these jigsaws are made from hard-wearing wood of the highest quality.

3D Monument Jigsaws are the only jigsaws which enable architectural masterpieces to be create from wood. Once assembled, they can be used as decoration or disassembled to begin again. Within this range, there has been a new launch this year: 3D Monument Puzzle Irone Throne.

This family is also joined by the 3D Monuments Mini Jigsaw, for those who prefer the smaller format. These jigsaws take approximately 30 minutes and the available models are: Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Torre di Pisa and Empire State Building.

Jigsaws with photographic finishing for greater authenticity

3D Monument Jigsaw Iron Throne:

The shadow of Game of thrones is elongated, and it has even reached the Educa 3D Monuments Jigsaw. Composed of 56 pieces, this jigsaw turns into fun and perfect decorative piece for lovers of this series.


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